Authorities Investigating Dodge Viper

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Reported suspension malfunction has caused two MY 2005-06 Vipers to crash, and could force the NHTSA to issue a recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – the US government office that investigates potential manufacturing flaws in cars and issues recalls – is reportedly looking into a problem with the Dodge Viper. The problem reportedly centers around the 2005 and 2006 models, whose rear suspension knuckles have been known to separate and cause the vehicle to crash. The investigation was apparently triggered by two separate incidents, prompting the NHTSA to look into the matter.

One incident saw the suspension fail while the car was traveling around 50 mph, sending the vehicle crashing into a concrete divider. The other involved the right rear suspension knuckle separating, sending the car airborne into trees and injuring the driver's lower back. Although the NHTSA has yet to issue a recall, if it finds the problem to be inherent in the manufacturing process, it likely will.

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