Auto Exec Claims That The Auto Industry Will Be Dead In 20 Years


The key words signifying the change are "transportation services."

Bob Lutz is kind of like your old grandpa. He knows his history and can't help but inject his slightly depressing outlook for the future of the world into every conversation. You can only imagine then what he says when given the microphone and a few attentive ears. Thing is, he usually does tend to have an audience and his latest listeners were delivered to him courtesy of Car and Driver, which interviewed the ex-auto exec who has worked for the likes of Ford, GM, BMW, and Chrysler.

In the interview, Lutz was asked some fairly general questions about the auto industry, including what he thought about the future of the car. All things considered, he thinks the auto industry will be dead in 20 years. To him this doesn't mean that companies will cease making cars. Instead, Lutz is likely referring to the fact that many companies, including automakers, are shifting focus from building and selling cars to becoming transportation providers. As a result, many companies will consolidate until there are only four or five "car" makers. Companies like Uber and Lyft are currently making deals left and right with automakers, so Lutz's prediction does carry some weight.

When quizzed about how viable it is for Lincoln to make a full recovery from being Mathew McConaughey's part-time employer to becoming on par with more established luxury brands, Lutz thinks that there simply isn't enough time left before cars become anonymous autonomous transport pods. Same goes for Tesla, which Lutz pegged as a socialist experiment and not a legitimate car company. He claims that Tesla is a cult with fans who think Elon Musk can do no wrong. When it runs out of cash (since it has never turned a profit) the momentum will die out. Despite his rather depressing predictions, Lutz is undertaking his own new automotive project, the VLF Destino, which is basically a Fisker Karma with a GM-sourced V8.


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