Autoexotic Yaroslavl - The Best Tunings and More from Russia

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Car owners gather in Yaroslavl Oblast to show off their custom jobs and classic cars.

Yaroslavl, located roughly 160 miles northeast of Moscow, plays host every year to a gathering of local exotics, classics, customs and tuned cars. This year's event took place on Saturday and during a break in the nasty weather, 2leep user pkuneev was able to snap some photos of some of the more interesting models on display at the Russian auto event. The most poignant of all the models at Autoexotic Yaroslavl was a Fiat Punto covered in a hideous purple body kit.

The purple Punto looked like the unholy Russian lovechild between Grimace (from the old McDonald's ads) and Barney the Dinosaur which happened to spend its formative years growing up in Chernobyl. Some classic American cars like the Pontiac Trans Am, Dodge Stealth and some Jeeps looked great at the event, while a custom Toyota Celica complete with falcon/scissor doors further emphasized the over-the-top tuning jobs Russians have come to love. A Jaguar, a few Ladas, a multi-colored Nissan Skyline and a Dodge Stratus Coupe pretty much cover all the other notable models at Autoexotic Yaroslavl.

The rain ruined some of the weekend's festivities, however a few Jeep and truck owners were more than pleased to make the most of the situation by going off-road on a few of the more muddy patches of the festival. Check out the gallery below of all the action from Autoexotic Yaroslavl 2012.

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