Automakers Are Now Banned From Attempting Nurburgring Lap Records


No, we're not joking.

For years the Nurburgring has been used as a measuring stick when it came to speed. Having the quickest Ring segment time was a badge of honor in the industry that also held some weight with the public. Unfortunately that’s all come to an end for the time being, as a new report from J.F. Musial states that automakers will no longer be able to attempt ring records. At this point you're probably asking just who is this Musial guy and what are the details behind the hot lap ban.

Musial is one of the people behind the documentary "Apex: The Story Of The Hypercar." The documentary was going to feature footage of the Koenigsegg One:1 attempting a Nurburgring lap record, but management at the track told Christian von Koenigsegg and his crew that timed runs were banned. The company planned to rent out the track for the run, but even that was vetoed. So, what led to the ban? Remember earlier in the year when a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 crashed during a VLN endurance race and killed a spectator? That tragedy sparked an uptick in enforcement of speed limits around the most dangerous parts of the track.

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Technically an automaker could still run around the track, but the driver would be subject to the posted speed limits. It doesn't take a gearhead to know that speed limits don't help you break timed records. According to Musial the restrictions will be reviewed by the Nurburgring, which is under private control, at the end of the year.