Automakers Are Using 'GTA V' To Build Your Future Autonomous Car

Let's hope they don't take the game too seriously.

The automotive world is well on its way to a fully autonomous future. There may still be a few major bugs to work out with some of the self-driving features in cars like the Tesla Model S, but the technology is maturing by leaps and bounds every year. Now self-driving technology has made its way to the world of video games. A project called Deep Drive has brought together massive tech companies like Google and automotive giants like Ford and Toyota just to name a few. The project aims to create source code that will be used by future autonomous cars.

One of the test-beds used by the project will be "Grand Theft Auto V," where researchers have already created a car that can drive itself within the parameters of the game world. Who knows, maybe the autonomous tech in your future car will have been birthed in a video game.

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