Automakers Have Finally Struck The Perfect Balance Between Safety And Performance

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Electronic safety aids and performance are finally in harmony.

When debating old versus new, old school gearheads always try and trump modernists by arguing against electronic driver aids. Modern cars are packed with technology that makes them extremely safe and easy to drive. But technology has always been a double-edged sword as safety features spoil the driving experience for enthusiasts looking to wring a modern car's neck around a track. However, it looks like automakers have finally cracked the code to make modern cars both fun to drive and safe.


Some argue that BMW has dropped the ball with its M-badged cars by putting a premium on luxury instead of what really matters: driving enjoyment. M-badged cars were once lightweight, track-focused machines that offered drivers an unparalleled experience. It's just not M-badged cars that have fallen into this trap, as Mercedes-AMG is putting its badge on more of its models than ever before. With automakers' performance brands now focusing more on sales, those cars are becoming watered down, tech-focused toys that only appeal to the those who like to brag about the latest tech. Enthusiasts don't really fall into that category.

But there is some good news with all of this as the new M2 is not only a return to form but also shows that modern technology won't kill off fun cars. And it's not only the M2 that proves modern technology can make cars fun. The Ford Focus RS (and future Mercedes-AMG models) has a "Drift Mode" that makes even the most ham-fisted driver look like a professional. And instead of just taking over for the driver the Focus RS' drift mode lets the driver use their skill while providing a helping hand. It's the same with the Mustang's built-in burnout mode that allows drivers to shred the muscle car's tires with ease.

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The M2 doesn't have a "Drift Mode" or a burnout feature, but it does allow drivers to have nonstop fun while ensuring their safety if they cock up. Supercars like the Holy Trinity have also made sure that regular, affordable sports cars of the future will be more technologically advanced and, hopefully, even faster, while still being safe and driver-focused. With more and more supercars taking drivers out of the equation with driver-assist features, cars like the M2 and Focus RS will become sought-after machines because they are both shining examples of when automakers got the equation of technology and drivability just right.


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