Automatic Transmissions And V6s Are In The Future For One Of Italy's Finest Supercar Automakers


It's all in the name of reducing emissions.

The FrankfurtMotor Show showed the world the future of sports cars and supercars alike. Butaccording to a report by Car and Driver Ferrari revealed a few secrets at themotor show behind closed doors. At the private media meeting, Ferrari revealedthat the automaker is planning to cut out the manual transmission and thatsmaller engines will be found in its vehicles. When asked about the possibilityof a V6 engine, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa responded with what amounts to a probably.

That’s right, to reduce emissions the mighty Ferrari will have to switch to V6s in the future. “For sure, thedownsizing of the displacement is one of the ways you can get to that result,”stated Felisa. “[As for] the six-cylinder, will it be beneficial? Probably yes,but I think we have a good path before going to that specific solution.” So don’tfreak out just yet, but in the future, Ferraris will be powered by a V6. Whenpressed about the possibility of manual transmissions in future supercars, Felisagave a clear answer. “Never say no, but today we’ll say no. We have the fastest[automated] gearbox in the market…right now, we are not thinking of a manualgearbox." What does this all mean? Well, if you can afford a Ferrari, you'd better get one as soon as possible.

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