Automobili Estrema's 2,000-HP Fulminea Hypercar Aiming For Nurburgring Record

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Production is already underway for the Italian hypercar, which hits 200 mph in under 10 seconds.

Italian startup, Automobili Estrema, claims its 2,012-horsepower (1.5 MW), all-electric Fulminea hypercar will break the Nurburgring lap record for electric sports cars in September 2023. The company makes no claims as to whether it's targeting the production EV record or not, which gives it a pretty big target range to aim for.

For the record, the current production lap record for an EV is held by the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, which set a 7:33.35 in August last year. That's more than a minute slower than the overall production record at the 'Ring, held by the Mercedes-AMG ONE. That seems like low-hanging fruit for Automobili Estrema, as the Fulminea has nearly three times the power, which is why it might be targeting the overall electric record, which stands at 6:05.336 for the Volkswagen ID.R concept and a 6:45.9 for the Nio EP9 on full slick tires.

To achieve this vague feat, the Fulminea employs a 'hybrid' battery pack with lithium-ion cells, solid-state electrolyte, and ultracapacitors, enabling the quad-motor powertrain to propel the Fulminea from 0-200 mph in under 10 seconds.

Automobili Estrema Automobili Estrema Automobili Estrema

Fulminea translates as Lightning Fast and aims to be the fastest electric vehicle on the planet. Automobili Estrema says that its race car-based cutting-edge technology includes "the latest generation of carbon fiber" but is concentrating for now on telling us about the drivetrain technology. That makes sense as the battery tech should separate the car from the pack, as will the curb weight of the hypercar, which is claimed to be under 3,307 pounds. The battery pack alone weighs 661 lbs.

The pack consists of prismatic solid-state and lithium-ion cells that can use cell-to-pack technology, meaning it doesn't need the modules used in most current pack designs. That reduces weight, but more drastically, the size of battery packs and gives the Fulminea's pack an amazing 500 Watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) ratio. The ultracapacitors store energy ready to release as a power boost when required.

Automobili Estrema Automobili Estrema

The range is currently estimated at 325 miles using the European WLTP standard. Charging time using an HPC (High-Power Charging) DC charger is claimed at 10 minutes from 10-80% in ideal circumstances.

Production is underway for the Fulminea, but the initial run will be capped at 61 units costing just over two million dollars each. As Automobili Estrema is a startup, it launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary about the journey from inception until the EV record attempt at Nordschleife.

The claims are vague at best from the company, and if it thinks it's going to have the electric track scene all to itself, it has another thing coming. Electric hypercars with 2,000 hp are now becoming commonplace. With the Rimac Nevera recording the highest-ever EV top speed at 258 mph, the Pininfarina Battista accelerating faster than any production car ever, and the Lotus Evija honing its skills on track, the Fulminea will have to be extra special to stay in the limelight longer than a few seconds.

Automobili Estrema Automobili Estrema Automobili Estrema

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