Aventador 50th Debuts in Shanghai

2013 Shanghai Auto Show / Comments

Aventador revealed with upgraded engine and aero to celebrate Lamborghini's 50 years - which about sums up how old the average Lambo buyer is, anyway.

In the run-up to the Shanghai Auto Show last week, initial images and details on an anniversary-edition Aventador leaked out all over the interwebs. By now, of course, Lamborghini has taken the wraps off the car, and has released both official photos and video of the special-edition Raging Bull. The Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary edition follows the Veneno in celebrating the half-century mark for the Bolognese automaker, forming part of a year-long celebration Lamborghini has in store.

It's distinguished by a unique shade of yellow – the most popular color for new Lambos – with a redesigned aero package that's 50 percent more efficient than the standard Aventador. The 6.5-liter V12 has been upgraded to 720 metric horsepower, and the interior mirrors the bodywork with black and yellow leather, uniquely stitched in a Q-Citura pattern which Lamborghini introduced on this special-edition supercar. Only 100 examples will be made, which is barely a drop in the bucket of the 1,000 Aventadors Lamborghini sells annually – twice as many as it did the Murcielago before it.

To showcase the new Anniversario edition Aventador, Sant'Agata released this brief video clip that aptly illustrates the gap between the age at which most first fall in love with Lamborghinis and that of those who actually buy them. See what we mean in the promo clip below.

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