Aventador Catches Fire in Taiwan

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A rich guy driving an Aventador crashes and it quickly catches fire. Thing is, he didn't have it insured.

Unlike some Ferraris, this Lamborghini Aventador that's been engulfed in flames in Taiwan more than likely didn't have a mechanical defect. According to recent reports, the reason why rich businessman Ye Maohong's Aventador caught on fire is because he crashed it. He was supposedly driving very fast when he somehow lost control and crashed the supercar into a large fence. The fire quickly spread to the interior but both driver and passenger managed to escape.

Speaking of passengers, sources are claiming that Maohong was driving with a Japanese/ Taiwanese pornstar named Peng Xuanrong, who suffered a minor arm injury. No wonder why he was in a hurry. The story gets even better as we hear that Maohong didn't have the car insured. So he's basically totally out of luck now.

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