Aventador GT to Debut in Geneva with Four Seats?

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Lamborghini has big plans for the Aventador that could include both a convertible and a 2+2 concept to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Yes, you read that title correctly. According to recent reports, the flagship Lamborghini could sprout an extra pair of seats in time for the Geneva Motor Show. The Aventador Roadster is expected to have its official debut at the Swiss expo in March, but to make things even more interesting, Sant'Agata is apparently developing a more spacious concept version of the Aventador as well. Rare as mid-engined four-seaters are, the Aventador GT would break new ground in the contemporary automotive industry.

Car magazine notes that while the project's exact details are being kept secret, it's likely to gain a longer wheelbase but keep its V12 mounted amidship. The back seats, according to Car, could be accessed by a pair of suicide doors to compliment the front scissor portals. As for the convertible, Car reports that the Aventador Roadster will ditch the removable panel from the previous Murcielago and Diablo roadsters for a folding unit closer to the Ferrari 458 Spider's. The roadster is far more likely to see production in the near future, but the GT raises an interesting prospect.

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