Aventador Roadster Pops its Top


Aventador gets a two-piece removable roof assembly for an open-air, wind-in-your-hair driving experience.

Lamborghini has rolled out an endless array of Gallardo variants, but just one of the Aventador. That changes today, however, with the online reveal of the new Aventador LP700-4 Roadster. The first in a range of Aventador models expected to arrive in the next few years, the highly-anticipated Aventador Roadster takes some cues from the one-off Aventador J, but with a few vital differences. For one, it has a windshield. For another, it has a roof, albeit a removable one.

Rather than go with an intricate (read: heavy) mechanical folding contraption (or a flimsy umbrella like the previous Murcielago Roadster), the open-air Aventador has a two-piece assembly that can be removed by hand and stored in the front of the car. The whole roof assembly, made of carbon composites manufactured by unique processes developed by Lamborghini, weighs just 6 kg, making it relatively easy to handle. We haven't seen images of the car with the roof in place yet, but the roof assembly, windshield frame and rear window surround are painted gloss black to contrast with the Azzuro Thesis metallic blue in which this first example is painted.

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The paint scheme pays tribute to the original Miura Roadster of 1968 and offers a refreshing change from the usual bright orange or dark grey in which you'd usually see a contemporary Lambo. Otherwise the Roadster is mechanically identical to the 1,300 Aventador coupes which the Sant'Agata Bolognese factory has built and sold to date. That means a 6.5-liter V12 engine with 700 metric horsepower driving all four wheels through Lambo's proprietary seven-speed sequential transmission. (The cylinder deactivation and stop/start systems recently introduced in the Aventador coupe are also present.)

The added weight involved with reinforcing a convertible's body structure, however, means that the 0-62 time has increased to three seconds flat, but top speed remains pegged at 217 miles of wind in your hair per hour. To offset the extra weight, Lamborghini has also fitted the Aventador Roadster with a set of Dione wheels (20 inches at the front, 21 at the rear) that are 10 kg lighter than the coupe's, reducing unsprung mass where it counts the most. European pricing (before taxes) comes in at 300,000 euros. Expect the Aventador Roadster to make its motor-show debut in LA later this month.