Aventador SV Owner Ruins Own Supercar To Get Back At Dealership

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OK, it's not totally ruined but that sticker is so stupid. Please let this be a hoax.

We never really thought that the people who could afford ultra-rare and ultra-expensive supercars were an angry lot. After all, they have the means and connections to get their hands on some of the most exclusive automobiles on the planet. But last week we learned that a Ferrari super fan was suing the automaker because he was not allowed to buy the upcoming LaFerrari Spyder. Now there's this story from Reddit about a man who is so pissed at Lamborghini Johannesburg that he defaced his Aventador SV and started a website.

Now we don't know if this photo was created using Photoshop or if there's actually a decal on this Aventador SV that says "Lamborghini Johannesburg Sells Lies." All we know comes from Redditor Blackerz772. Apparently the owner of this Aventador was told by Lamborghini Johannesburg that he would own the only SV model in the country. But then two more were sold there due to high demand. This deceit caused the guy to flip out and led to this decal (maybe) being put on his car. While the defaced Lamborghini may or may not be real the website for it certainly is. Lamborghini JHB Sells Lies only has one page. The page is a picture of the white Aventador SV seen in the Instagram photo, albeit there's a black and white filter on it.

The site promises that "THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT." What that truth ends up being we don't know. We tried to dig around the Instagram account of embrace_tha_suck_ but it was set to private. If you have any info to add regarding this bizarre story, or if you want to let us know that it's a hoax, please drop us a line at media@carbuzz.com. Photos by RACE!

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