Aventador-Wielding Romeo Picks Up Two Girls Using Nothing But Throttle

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Just in case you thought you were doing well in life.

If you haven't heard of Cannes, then go back to sucking that Cheeto dust off your fingers and watching professional drivers tear it up in an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio during a halftime Sunday football commercial. That way you can leave the caviar for those who have heard of and visited France's famous and wealthy coastal city. It's a hotbed of rich people who enjoy showing off and have the means to do it, with this owner of an orange Lamborghini Aventador being one noteworthy example.

He doesn't seem to have to do much, just open the passenger-side scissor door of his orange Aventador, squeeze the throttle a few times to let it belch flame out of its singular large hexagonal exhaust, and wait for the pretty ladies to flock into the cabin.

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Who knows how often this guy does this, but he seems to know the routine well because it isn't long before two lovelies approach the supercar and hop inside. And before you go moaning on about how all women are gold diggers, take off that fedora and think for a second. If you were able to hop into a supercar powered by a 6.5-liter V12 and making close to 700 horsepower for a ride, wouldn't you do it even if it meant having to laugh at a stranger's bad jokes? That's what we thought. Oh and don't mind the Bugatti Chiron that just happens to be parked close by getting zero attention. Hat tip to Roman Dinar.

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