Average Bugatti Veyron Customer Owns 84 Cars

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Making average Bentley buyers' eight-car garage look puny.

Speaking to Bloomberg at the Paris Motor Show last week, VW and Bugatti officials discussed some of the possibilities regarding the Veyron successor, mostly repeating some of the rumors and reports we've previously shared with you. But one interesting tidbit of information, offered by Bugatti president and Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer, shines a pretty incredible light on the lives of Bugatti's customers: "the average Bugatti customer," he said, "has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht."

According to Duerheimer, this serves to highlight the differences between the two brands that he heads. That's because his poorer Bentley owners have, on average, just 8 cars. As Bugatti continues to unload its last 15 Veyrons, stay tuned for more news about what its replacement will be.

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