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Avoiding A Speeding Ticket About To Get A Whole Lot Easier

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You still have to respect the law though.

No one likes getting a speeding ticket but modern cars have all sorts of features available to help drivers avoid one of these nasty pieces of paper. Many new cars have cameras which can scan road signs and display the speed limit on the navigation system or the gauge cluster. Ford takes this technology even further by adjusting the car's throttle based on what these cameras read. While we enjoy this feature on new cars, not every car comes with it and it does little to aid the owners of older cars.

Seeing as a third-party retrofit would be complicated, Google has a solution of its own which will work on any car. According to Android Police, Google Maps is rolling out a new speed limit display on both iOS and Android.

The next time you go to use Google Maps, on your phone or through Android Auto, you may see the current speed limit displayed on the lower part of the screen. This feature was previously available in the San Fransico area only but is now being rolled out across the US, UK, and Denmark. Don't be discouraged if your area isn't covered yet, as the rollout is far from complete. Android Police says this new feature must have been added on the server side because the Google Maps app hasn't received a significant update.

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Users of the Waze app (owned by Google) have had this feature for a while now, so it is nice to see Google finally integrate it on its own app. While Google Maps still won't offer a feature to show police traps, it will show speed cameras and give an audible alert when the car is approaching them. We haven't had the chance to test this new feature in our own vehicles yet but it is a nice addition to Google Maps and Android Auto. It may not be a guaranteed solution to avoiding a ticket but it may lower your risk of being pulled over.