AWE Tuning Releases Two New Exhausts For The 8Y Audi RS3

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That five-pot burble comes to life with some extra volume.

Exhaust specialist AWE Tuning has just released two new stainless steel aftermarket exhaust systems for the current-generation 8Y Audi RS3.

"Audi's sport sedans are where AWE started to truly develop its voice as the best sounding exhausts on the planet, and we're excited to be able to carry this tradition forward with the 8Y," said AWE vice president Jesse Kramer. "We have the SwitchPath for those who prefer versatility and the unleashed Track Edition for those who prefer it raw and rowdy around the clock. Both systems weigh significantly less than stock [and] provide impressive power gains, all while keeping it 100% emissions friendly."

Not only do these exhausts sound good and weigh less, but dyno tuning reveals that they increase output by as much as nine horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.

AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning

The company's SwitchPath exhaust - as seen on the BMW M3 last year and the V8 Jeep Wrangler 392 earlier this month - "retains factory valve behavior" and comes with a plug-and-play valve assembly that, once fitted, allows you to direct all of the exhaust gases through a muffled pipe when you want to fly under the radar. When you want to announce your arrival to all in the vicinity, the valves can be opened for a more raucous sound.

On the other hand, the Track Edition is basically a straight-piped system from the downpipe back, with an uninterrupted flow from the mid-pipe out the back. This means that the exhaust is always loud, which is probably why AWE calls it the Track Edition. Noise levels may get you into trouble on the road, but at least you'll pass emissions testing in all 50 states.

AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning

Both systems are bolt-on for easy installation and guarantee perfect fitment with no Check Engine Light warnings after fitment. The Track Edition saves 39 pounds over stock, while the valved SwitchPath exhaust saves a respectable 30.5 lbs. There's also a lifetime warranty, and you can switch between the two systems with relative ease.

The full SwitchPath exhaust costs $2,731.58, while the less complex Track Edition costs $1,731.58. If you want to change from the SwitchPath to the Track Edition, a conversion kit will set you back $205.26. To do the reverse and go from Track Edition to SwitchPath will cost you $994.74.

At present, all of these prices are discounted on AWE Tuning's website. If you'd rather spend more money searching for much more power, more comprehensive tuning upgrades are available from the likes of Abt Sportsline, but for someone who just wants to hear that legendary 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo sing, this is a great option.

AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning AWE Tuning

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