Awesome Aquatic Autos

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A collection of awesome Aquatic Autos.

These cars prove that four wheels and water can be a match made in heaven. Conventional wisdom states that cars and large bodies of water don't mix. Luckily for gearheads who love spending time on the water, the age of the car-boat may be soon upon us as indicated by all of these awesome aquatic autos. These cars are designed to conquer both waves and roads with style and speed.

The Humdinga is the car-boat on this list most likely to be found in an action film. This killer hybrid was built by Gibbs Technologies and goes from being a car to being a boat with the push of a button. This monstrosity has four-wheel drive and a top speed of 100 MPH on land and 40 MPH on water.

If this is your first time ever seeing the Python, then prepare yourself to be amazed. The Python is the fastest amphibious vehicle ever created, topping out at 60 MPH on the water. This car-boat is built to look like a classic American muscle car and is made to order provided you have somewhere in the neighborhood of $170,000 or more to spend.

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I wonder how many Bangkok residents are wishing they had created their own car similar to the Scamander RRV right about now. The Scamander RRV (rapid response vehicle) was the pet project of former TVR owner Peter Wheeler and was built to tackle any and all terrain. Water was included in Wheeler's definition of "terrain," and the Scamander RRV can do up to 9 MPH on the water.

I would say the odds are a million to one that the Mercedes C-ROC ever goes from concept to reality. Designer Peter Igloi-Nagy designed this sexy coupe for a future in which waterways are a viable alternative to drivers stuck in traffic. The C-ROC certainly looks vicious, but I doubt the Silver Arrow is ready to test the waters with something so groundbreaking. Dare to dream regardless.

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