Awesome Maniac Stuffs Twin-Turbo Ferrari V8 Into 1932 Ford Coupe


And for $250,000 it's yours.

We've seen a literal endless amount of project cars over the years. Some are brilliant, others are likely death traps. We're not so sure which category this one falls under, but we think it's brilliant anyway. Up for sale on James List is this 1932 Ford Coupe powered by a 3.0-liter Ferrari V8. With a couple of turbos added, this thing has a grand total of 950 hp, give or take. Right. So, how on earth does this Frankenstein creation not rip itself apart the moment its driver hits the gas? A lot of custom fabrication saves the day.

Although the original '32 Ford chassis is still there, whoever built it added an independent rear suspension with 15-inch disc brakes and 4-piston calipers. There's also a front drop axle with disc brakes that are hidden behind aluminum drum brakes. The wheels measure 18-inches. A steel front grille has been added along with a high capacity aluminum radiator in the trunk. There's also a modern engine computer and American auto wire harness to keep things at bay. Fortunately, a full racing roll cage was also installed because chances are it'll come in handy. And yes, this is meant for racing, further evidenced by the six-speed Tremec manual transmission with a race clutch.

As you can see, the body is also all-original and it's hard to believe it was once a regular old '32 Ford coupe before the red Ferrari paint was applied. Even the wheels bear that famous prancing horse emblem. Anyone interested in spending $250,000 should head over to Los Angeles for a first-hand inspection. Photos courtesy of James Edition.


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