Awesome Mercedes Vs. Horse In The Most Bizarre Drag Race Ever


Larte Design never ceases to impress.

When it comes to taking a top-end luxury vehicle and modifying it, tuning companies often struggle with finding the right balance. Too many times we've seen tuners take a beautiful car and destroy its looks by making awful aesthetic changes. Larte Design is one of the few tuning companies that doesn't have any problem in this regard. These guys have a reputation for taking awesome luxury vehicles and pushing them to the next level in the classiest way.

The elegant style of Larte's customizations are perfectly exemplified in its latest "horsepower" test video featuring the firm's exquisite Black Crystal Mercedes-Benz GL running through a field with a polo horse. The LA-based tuner has a particular knack for tuning SUVs, and this GL is no exception.

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In line with its name, the Larte Black Crystal features two dark crystals inserted in the martial front bumper. The car also has aggressive “crystalline” features including a new rear, air inlets, matte black carbon-lined tailpipes and an incredible custom exhaust system. For the latest news visit Larte's Facebook page, and for more information and pricing check out the website.