Awesome Nurburgring Testing Compilation Proves Automakers Will Hoon Anything

Who says sedan and wagon lap times aren't important?

Automakers are run by gearheads, and gearheads like to hoon cars around tracks as fast as possible. That explains why every time a new model comes out it's seen tearing up the Nurburgring. No one really cares how quick a sedan or SUV can lap the Green Hell. When is the last time you asked a dealer how quickly the used Jetta you were looking at ran the Ring? Regardless, automakers hoon the hell out of cars at the famous track to prove some mysterious point.

This compilation video shows a variety of cars tearing up the Nurburgring during testing. Some are supercars and sports cars, while others are wagons and sedans. All go equally hard, some catch air and one wrecks. Enjoy.

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