Awesome POV Video Proves Porsche's Best Cars May Not Be Air-Cooled 911s

The truth hurts.

Now we here at CarBuzz love old 911s, but we also really love the Porsche Carrera GT. We also love POV driving videos, and when the two come together, well you get the idea. This video is simple and sweet. It’s a POV starring a Carrera GT and a lonely country road. The top is off and with no other cars or pedestrians in sight the driver is free to do as he wishes. That means you get to hear the 5.7-liter V10 in all of its glory. The driver doesn’t exactly touch the supercar’s top speed of 205 mph but it’s still a fun ride.

Getting behind the wheel of a Carrera GT is at the top of the list for many gearheads. That item may never be checked off but POV videos like this make reality sting a bit less.

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