Awesome Street Art Cars

Art Car

Love art and cars? One of these street stoppers may be just for you.

Art as seen through the eyes of a gearhead. Car companies are constantly trying to show young drivers how “cool” they are by latching onto the latest and greatest fads and trends. Recently, car companies have been commissioning art cars; vehicles designed to be admired more for their artistic value than for their specs. While purists may cry foul, there is something undeniably cool about a car designed to be both visually and mechanically stunning. If you have an eye for art and love cars, then read on to see some of the most awesome art cars.

This one-of-a-kind Focus was created by a team of six graffiti artists working in Glasgow, Scotland, who simultaneously sprayed the car over the course of six hours. The artists involved included Lyken, FiST, Syrkus, Rue 5, Death Rattles and Al White with the project commissioned to celebrate Ford's 100th year in the U.K.

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Ever wonder what a MINI Cooper S would look like with paint all over it? If you answered “yes” to that question, then consider the Krink MINI the answer you have been searching for. The Krink MINI features an all-black exterior accompanied by the artist's signature silver paint drip.

American artist Jeff Koons unleashed his artistic vision on a BMW M3 GT2 to create the 17th BMW Art Car. This paint job is mind-blowing to say the least, with bright colors flying around in all directions. What makes this car so awesome is that it wasn't built to sit in a museum; Koons' BMW Art Car actually participated in the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans finishing sixth in its class.

The Jeff Koons Aston Martin Carbon Black DBS is perhaps the only Aston that could ever be described as “psychedelic.” Koons gave the British sportscar the same treatment he did the BMW M3 GT2, covering it in bright streaks of color designed to reflect light at certain angles. I wonder if Bond would ever drive this.