Axe-Wielding Maniac Leaves Ferrari 612 Scaglietti for Dead

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Owner holds little hope his £207,000 supercar will pull through horrific attack.

Police in Edinburgh, Scotland, are on the hunt for an axeman who was caught on camera smashing up a £200,000 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in a local garage. Wielding an axe and a knife, the thug was caught red-handed as he set to work causing around £40,000 worth of damage to the supercar, smashing the roof and windows with the axe and stabbing the tires with the knife. Owner Rajinder Singh was horrified by the incident, which took place on 1 May at Graypaul Ferrar garage in Fort Kinnaird.

Police confirmed they were investigating the attack, although the property developer, speaking with the Daily Record, feels little will come from their efforts: "This has been a nightmare. The car was just in the garage to get a pump fixed when this happened. The car costs £207,000 new and the damage will cost about £40,000 to get fixed. Garage CCTV captured the whole attack. The man spends several minutes attacking the car with an axe then he takes out a knife and stabs the tyres before calmly walking away. It is bad enough that this has happened but the garage have been useless.

"The whole thing is a bad joke. I gave the garage a car worth more than £200,000 and they give me back a car that is effectively written off. The police asked me if there could be anyone who has a grudge against me but the garage is miles from my home. No one would have known it was my car. The police say they have investigated got no leads and say there's nothing else they can do. It's horrendous."

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