Axeon Unveils All-Electric Land Rover Defender

Europe's leading independent developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, Axeon, has teamed up with Jaguar Land Rover South Africa to build an all-electric Defender. The iconic model has long been known as one of the best off-roading adventure vehicles every produced. However, the electric Defender was designed specifically for the game park, so reducing both environmental and noise emissions were the main priorities.

Starting off with a long-wheelbase 110 model with an extended pickup bed, the diesel engine has been replaced with a lithium-ion battery pack. The new engine was not specified, but the electric Defender is capable of producing nearly three times the typical game drive on a single charge. The idea isn't bad considering "game drive," also known as hunting, works best when there's little to no noise that could scare away dinner. The zero emission electric Defender will be revealed as a concept at the INDABA tourist expo in Durban, South Africa this month.

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