B-List Famed '76 Vette Looks For New Gig

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It may have never made the big time, but it's big time cool and for only $12k.

Some Corvettes have been featured in movies and television since the '60s. Many appearing in top box office hits and sharing screen time with A-List celebs like Mike Myers, Vin Diesel, Mark Wahlberg, and Jack Nicholson. Other Vettes, have never made it to the same level of prominence. This 1976 Corvette Stingray Custom L48 was one such showcar and it's now up for sale on Craig's List

Nicknamed "Piranha" back in the day, the car made appearances on camera and in magazines but it's biggest claim was auditioning for the top spot in "Corvette Summer". The owner didn't get the nod, but being considered for the part afforded the car customization from Richard Korkes, chief engineer to George Barris. Barris was the tuner to the stars in that era most famed for his work on the original Batmobile. The car comes with a letter of authenticity from Richard Korkes as well as memorabilia from the car's show biz appearances. Information about the car itself is scarce, other 47,065 miles on the spedometer. The car is located in upstate South Carolina and going for $12,000.

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