Baby Bugatti II Carbon Edition Based On W16 Mistral Revealed

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The Little Car Company has created another take on its downsized Bugatti Baby replica.

Bugatti and The Little Car Company have teamed up again to produce a limited-edition Bugatti Baby II, exclusively for those who have ordered the W16 Mistral. In celebration of the automaker's 110th birthday, the Baby II was introduced in 2019 as a 75% scale model of the Bugatti Type 35. Now, the Baby II Carbon Edition has been revealed with carbon fiber construction. The composite material is visible on the radiator and grille, the dashboard panel, other interior panels, and the mirror mount. The center of the bespoke black wood steering wheel also features a carbon center, but beyond that, no two Carbon Editions will likely be the same as customers will be able to spec these to match their W16 Mistral hypercars.

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Compared to the "regular" Bugatti Baby II, the Carbon Edition is both physically and visually lighter, as the spare wheel and its bracket, as well as the straps, have been removed. Optionally, owners can choose to have the French flag hand painted on the side of the miniature electric vehicle, but as standard, you get the LED headlights in a horizontal enclosure as a nod to the W16 Mistral's headlights. Inside, a custom-engraved panel displays the chassis number and model name. Just 500 Bugatti Baby II models of all sorts will be produced, and these Carbon Editions will fall within that production run.

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In top spec, the Bugatti Baby II can reach 42 mph, but the W16 Mistral has much loftier ambitions. The last Bugatti ever to be produced with the famed W16 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged engine, the W16 Mistral intends to become the world's fastest roadster, targeting a roofless top speed north of 260 mph. To help it get there, it will employ trick aerodynamics and deploy 1,578 horsepower.

However, we suspect that most owners will simply keep their hypercars safe in climate-controlled garages, and matching Bugatti Baby II Carbon Editions will live their lives alongside. What these miniature electric cars will cost is unknown, but we doubt buyers of full-size Bugatti special editions will have to adjust their budgets.

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