Baby Driver Is Our Most Anticipated Car Movie Of The Year

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Edgar Wright's crazy car chase musical is speeding into a cinema near you this June.

So many people flocked to see Fate of the Furious last month, it had the biggest worldwide opening ever – quite an achievement for a series that started as a cult street racing film. Sadly, the popularity of Fast and Furious means that other car-centric films will probably go under the radar. Since it was first announced, Baby Driver has overtaken the competition to become our most anticipated car movie of the year, and we're hoping that having director Edgar Wright's name in the credits and a summer release date will give it enough exposure.

A new featurette for the film has been released, revealing more details about its quirky plot. Ansel Elgort plays the titular Baby Driver, a young getaway driver who developed tinnitus during a car accident that killed his parents. The only way he can get through life is by drowning out the incessant ringing in his ears by constantly listening to music on his trusty iPod.

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As we learn from the featurette, the entire movie is synced to Baby's soundtrack to the point it's essentially a car chase musical. The featurette also delves into Baby's fatherly relationship with the film's lead crime boss played by Kevin Spacey, who aptly describes Baby as a "young Mozart in a go-kart." We also get to see some previously unseen shots of Baby Driver's practical driving stuntwork starring a Subaru Impreza WRX that puts most modern movies to shame. If you're looking for a car chase flick that emphasizes driving skill rather than explosions, you won't want to miss Baby Driver when it speeds into cinemas on June 28.

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