Baby Jeep to Revive Jeepster Moniker?

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Jeep looks back for inspiration in naming future model.

Jeep's new Fiat 500X-based entry-level model will soon replace the Compass and Patriot on the bottom rung of the brand's lineup, and according to, the baby Jeep will revive the "Jeepster" moniker. Jeep enthusiasts will be familiar with the Jeepster's storied history. Following the end of WWII, Jeep branched out from military-only to commercial vehicles with the "CJ", a pickup, and station wagon.

In 1948, Willys-Overland built the Jeepster, a passenger car that was meant to have mass-market appeal. Things didn't quite go to plan and production ceased in 1950, but the name was later revived from 1966 to 1972 on the Kaiser C-101 Jeepster Commando and again in 1999 on a concept. The Australian publication speculates the Jeepster will come in both FWD and AWD variants along with a range of gasoline and diesel engines, although the latter won't be heading to the States. Recent spy shots have given little of the design away, but the car is set to debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show so we'll be seeing the new soft-roader in no time.

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