Baby, You Can Drive My Car: George Harrison's Ferrari Up For Sale


A Ferrari 365 GTC once owned by legendary ex-Beatles guitarist, George Harrison, is currently up for bids at a Talacrest auction.

Ever wanted to own a true piece of Beatles memorabilia? If you're lucky enough, you can be driving a Ferrari 365 GTC once owned by legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison. Talacrest, Ferraris vintage auction site, is placing the 365 GTC up for bids with a price tag of nothing less than $600,000. The current owner of the 365 GTC has all the proper documentation to prove that this vintage Ferrari once belonged to the late musician.

George bought the car brand new in 1969 for £4,000 and later sold his prized 365 GTC sometime in the mid 1970's. He even inspired fellow friend and legend, Eric Clapton, to begin his own collection of Ferraris. Clapton also had a 365 GTC that was painted metallic purple and owns over 30 Ferraris. A Paul McCartney-owned Lamborghini 400GT sold for £122,500 and a 1972 Miura once driven by Rod Stewart netted a very "reasonable" price tag of "only" £694,400, which was a lot more than the initial forecasted price of £560,000. Celebrity owned cars always sell for a higher price and attract a wide variety of buyers.

These people range from hard-core car fans to music lovers. All we have to add to that is what the Beatles sang in Drive My Car: "beep beep'm beep beep yeah."

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