BAC Monos Are Invading The Iconic Isle Of Man Circuit

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The government is closing roads and de-restricting speed limits on the Isle of Man just so BAC's customers can have fun.

The British BAC Mono is one of the most bonkers track cars money can buy right now. Good thing, then, that the US is no longer left out, thanks to the formation of BAC USA which means you no longer have to import one. Aside from its blistering performance that gives the McLaren P1 a serious run for its money, what sets the Mono apart is you become part of an elite owner's club. BAC values its customers so much, that it invites them to regular driving experience events to show what the Mono can do. That's one way to make your friends jealous.

After the inaugural experience that showed customers how to slide the street-legal single seater on a Frozen lake in Sweden, BAC is invading the Isle of Man, home of the iconic Snaefell Mountain Course, with a special driving event. As many as 12 of the road-legal single-seat supercars will be speeding down the serene streets in the four-day event aptly called "Mono Mania." 20 clients representing 10 countries are invited to the event which is currently underway. On May 11th this week, customers were tearing around the Jurby Circuit with expert guidance from the BAC team before being let loose on the track to push their Monos to the limit.

Over the weekend, the Monos will be unleashed onto "the best roads on the planet" in a private event at Castletown before an exhilarating run on the famous TT Course. The event even has full support from the local government, which is shutting down streets and de-restricting speed limits just so that BAC's customers can have fun. Seriously. BAC Mono owners, you have our envy. "When Ian and I first set about creating the Mono, we did so with the vision of sharing it with friends – giving them access to the purest driving experience in the world. Our trip to Sweden in March saw that dream become a reality," said BAC Founder Ian Briggs.

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We're once again relishing being able to showcase our creation to those who share our vision. We work closely with the Isle of Man and are very excited to show everyone what this wonderful place has to offer." Again, we wish more car manufacturers would reward customer loyalty like this. The BAC Mono has earned a reputation for being a blistering track car, thanks to its 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Cosworth engine that produces 305-horsepower with a 1,278-pound curb weight. Currently, the Mono is the only car available in BAC's line-up, but the company is considering making a hypercar to rival Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren in the future.

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