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Back Off China, Ferrari Ain't For Sale


Even if it is worth around $15 billion.

A few days ago, Fiat-Chrysler released its aggressive five-year plan to the public. The automaker’s major brands all seem to have bright futures, but CEO Sergio Marchionne specifically singled out Ferrari. Yes, Ferrari is a part of the Fiat empire, but it pretty much marches to its own beat in terms of engines and many other technologies. Marchionne also wanted to make loud and clear that a) Wall Street analysts are still underestimating Ferrari’s value and b) Ferrari is not for sale and never will be.

At the moment, Wall Street estimates Ferrari’s value to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.6 billion-$7.5 billion. However, Marchionne believes Ferrari is worth double that. And because of that strong assessment, Marchionne made crystal clear to anyone thinking of placing an offer (yes China, that’d be you) that they can keep dreaming. Despite those so-called market analysts, many of whom still think Fiat will one day sell Fiat, Marchionne had this to say: "You keep on getting your numbers wrong, so I might as well teach you the right valuation method. But to be absolutely categorical about this - Ferrari is not for sale."

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