Back to School: Ford Will Fund F-150 Fixin' Lessons

Answering questions regarding costly repairs for its aluminum body, Ford says it will partly fund dealer certification and tooling.

With many concerns voiced over Ford F-150's new aluminum body,the company now says it will subsidize training courses, tooling andcertification required for dealers to service the new truck. America’s best-sellingvehicle 2015 model was unveiled in Detroit earlier this month, and after initialexcitement over its massive 700lb weight loss, many startedasking questions regarding the price of repairs on its new, ultra-light aluminum.

With fewer certified shops and scarce tooling to meet Ford’srequirements, we started wondering whether the switch-over would be worthwhile. Expressingits confidence in the F-150 and in possible future models employing more aluminum,Ford has announced that part of the cost for training dealerships- estimatedbetween $30-50K per dealer - will be carried by the corporation. Furthermore,the carmaker promises the truck’s modular design enables quicker and easierrepairs, another element that should cut service costs. Ford says that fixesrelated to the aluminum structure should amount to 20% of all repairs.

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