Bad Guys To Ride In Style In Transformers 4

A Lamborghini Aventador will be featured as a Decepticon in Transformers 4.

Whenyou were a kid playing cops and robbers, were you one of those kids who alwayswanted to be the robber? There is a certain mystique about bad guys, andMichael Bay’s upcoming new installment of the Transformers franchise is almostcertainly going to add to this. That’s because a Lamborghini Aventador, alldecked out with matte black paint and black wheels, will be joining the ranks of theDecepticons.

Atleast, it is assumed that the Lambo will be a Decepticon, based on the paint. This comes hot on the heels of the announcement that the film will star aBugatti Veyron, and that a ’67 Chevy Camaro SS will be featured as Bumblebee.So we know that there will be at least a couple of cool Autobots. The Lambowill still be joining the ranks of many cool cars which have either been badguys or driven by bad guys in movies where the baddies are not sentientmachines. If only cars could be better role models.

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