Bad News: The Nissan Z Has Been Delayed

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You can thank supply chain issues for that.

First seen in August last year, the all-new Nissan Z set the motoring world ablaze. With retro styling and a wonderful 400-horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the newcomer heralded a breath of fresh air for Nissan. Finally, the Toyota Supra would have a worthy Japanese rival. The Yokohama-based brand hoped to commence US sales in June this year but, sadly, that is no longer the case.

After reaching out to the automaker, Car and Driver learned that supply chain issues are behind the unfortunate delay, with a spokesperson telling the publication that "due to unforeseen supply chain issues that are affecting the entire industry, there has been a slight delay to the summer of 2022." Interestingly, Nissan USA's website still lists the launch date as spring 2022.

2023 Nissan Z Exterior View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Aft View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Front-End View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Engine Bay Nissan

While this is certainly a source of disappointment for hopeful Nissan Z owners, the company has also announced Japanese pricing for the lineup, giving US consumers a better idea of local pricing. Six variations will be made available in its home market; three manual, and three automatic models. The base model, simply known as the Fairlady Z, will cost 5,241,500 yen (approx. $41,000), regardless of which transmission you opt for - this supports the original pricing rumors.

Moving higher up the range, the mid-spec Version S (available with a manual only) carries a list price of 6,063,200 (approx. $47,400) while the automatic-equipped Version T is slightly cheaper, at 5,687,000 yen (approx. $44,500). The priciest models, known as the Version ST, are available with both manual and automatic transmissions. Both will set Japanese buyers back 6,462,500 yen (approx. $50,600).

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If a similar pricing strategy is applied to US models, Nissan's Z car will undercut the Supra considerably. At current prices, the Toyota Supra 2.0-liter is attached to a $43,290 price tag. As standard, all Z coupe models will receive the V6, giving the Nissan a head start when it arrives. Here in the USA, three trim levels will reportedly be offered; Sport, Performance, and Z Proto Spec.

The base Sport trim will be well-equipped, but those wanting a more driver-centric experience will make a beeline towards the Performance. This brings with it a bevy of dynamic upgrades, including a stiffer suspension setup, uprated brakes, 19-inch Rays wheels, and a limited-slip differential. Lastly, the Z Proto Spec will serve as the model's launch edition and, as such, gain unique paint finishes and various other assortments.

2023 Nissan Z Rear-Facing View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Front-End Bumper Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Front Chairs Nissan
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2023 Nissan Z Engine Bay
2023 Nissan Z Front-End View
2023 Nissan Z Aft View
2023 Nissan Z Exterior View
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