Badass Billionaire Steps In To Save The Holden Commodore

Well kind of, but the plan sounds awesome!

General Motors announced that it was going toclose down Australia's Holden factory because, despite making some cool RWD platformcars, the brand does not turn a profit. With Ford also shutting down operationsin Australia, it seemed that GM would eliminate arguably its coolest brand.Now, reports have emerged that a Belgian entrepreneur named Guido Dumarey isseeking to buy the Holden facility as well as the rights to the RWD ZetaPlatform that underpins cars such as the Commodore sedan, wagon, and ute.

Dumarey says it would not be business as usual. The new models would feature newpowertrains, including diesel and hybrid options with RWD and AWD. He wouldwork with independent Holden tuner HSV to crank out models that would competewith BMW M cars but for much cheaper. Dumarey has made a hobby out of buying distressed companies andbreathing new life into them so this plan might actually have a chance. His plan is to take the existing zeta platform and build around 16 new models. If the Belgian entrepreneur is successful, the Holden plant would likely restart operations in 2019. The Holden brand will continue to produce cars, although they will likely be rebadged versions of cars like the Chevy Cruz and Malibu.

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