Badass Car Salesman Honored for Saving Customer From Flaming Wreck

They say dealerships will do anything to make a sale, but this guy went above and beyond.

Lee Christian, a McLaren salesman in the UK, may be the most badass man on any dealer lot in the world. He recently received an award for bravery after he pulled a customer from a McLaren 650S during a test drive gone wrong.Said customer, a stockbroker whose name has been mercifully kept secret, smashed the supercar into a tree. The salesman suffered minor injuries but the driver was in a bad way and a fire had broken out and was spreading.

Christian had to climb over the injured driver to escape the wreckage. Once out, he attempted to free the heavily injured stockbroker as the fire continued to grow, finally managing to pull him free as flames engulfed the supercar. He then dragged him to safety as the car exploded and the fire intensified. The stockbroker is still recovering from his injuries but Christian was able to return to work in four weeks time. Remember the next time you want to play hardball with a car salesman that he could end up saving your life. Then again, he might just try and rip you off. Regardless, it’s best to stay on the safe side, especially if you find yourself driving a 650S.

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