Badass Russian Teens Risk Death To Fight Bad Drivers

Someone has to police Russian parkers.

Russia is known for a lot of things, including bad andviolent drivers. A youth movement in Russia called “Stop a Douchebag” aims tochange that. The group’s mission is to ensure that drivers follow traffic laws,and its main targets seem to be poor parkers. The tactic used is a simple one: put a giantsticker on offending vehicles. This of course pisses off Russian drivers andcan lead to shouting matches, death threats and even fights.

To get an idea as to just how much of a risk these kids aretaking you’ll need to watch the fistfight and death threats thrown around inthis video.

The channel has been around for a few years and is filled with videos, each one crazier than the next. Russia's drivers are still crazy, but at least some citizens are trying to keep them in check.

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