Badass Stealth Challenger Absorbs Radar Rays

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Now let's talk about dropping a Hellcat in it...

The US government wastes a lot of taxpayer money, but the public will likely let them slide on the Dodge Vapor. The Vapor is an Air Force recruiting tool/display of badassery. As you may have noticed it's a Dodge Challenger sporting a matte black paint job. However, almost everything on this car serves a stealth purpose and is a showcase of American military technology. For starters, the matte black paint is designed to absorb radar.

Those scissor doors are actually biometrically controlled (fingerprints) to prevent enemy boosting. Hell, enemy fighters shouldn't even get close to the Dodge Vapor thanks to the 360-degree camera on its roof. The camera comes equipped with night vision and thermal-imaging, with the scenes beamed into the fighter bomb-like cockpit. The Vapor is a few years old but it's still badass and likely helps impress potential recruits. If the Air Force was smart it'd carve out a bit of its budget and order a Challenger Hellcat, although that might ruin the whole stealth thing.

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