Baddy Beware: Dodge Unveils New Pursuit Vehicles

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They're pretty darn cool.

When you think of a cop car, particularly in a Hollywood film, it's usually the Ford Crown Victoria that comes to mind. However, that car has finally been retired for good, as most law enforcement agencies have switched to SUVs. Earlier this year, Ford unveiled its new Interceptor that can literally burn away the coronavirus while Dodge has been teasing its Durango and Charger pursuit vehicles. The teasing is now over, and these are Dodge's new machines built to catch the baddies. They come with a host of impressive features and will also be available with new powertrain choices that promise improved performance in all respects.


The 2021 Charger Pursuit will be available with the TorqueFlite eight-speed auto on both the new V6 AWD and V8 Hemi RWD models, and Dodge says that the new powertrain configurations will offer better acceleration, braking, and handling. Dodge also expects increased fuel efficiency as an added benefit. As standard, the car will have a 140-mph top speed but agencies will be able to configure this to suit specific needs. Also included with be Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, electric power steering, and an increased gross vehicle weight rating of 5,500 pounds to help accommodate more police-specific aftermarket equipment and tools. Production of the Charger Pursuit will begin in the fourth quarter.


The new Durango will also have a choice between a V6 Pentastar and a Hemi V8, but the automatic shifter will now be IP-mounted to free up more space in the center console. In addition to this, the Durango will be capable of 130 mph, and ill come with heavy-duty brakes, vinyl flooring for easy clean-up, and a tri-zone climate control system. This will allow K-9 units to stay cool even when the officers in front are comfortable with the ambient temperature. This model's production begins in 2021. Both new pursuit vehicles look impressive, but for once, we don't want to take a closer look - unless our lawyers are present.


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