Bailing Out GM And Chrysler Was More Dramatic Than You Thought

So says this new documentary.

Feature documentaries often begin with this premises: You think you know the truth about a certain event/person but you really don’t. "Live Another Day," an upcoming documentary about the inside story of the General Motors and Chrysler government-funded bailouts, is no different. Based on the book Crash Course by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Ingrassia, Live Another Day interviews just about everyone involved before, during and after the bankruptcies. And no, President Obama is not one of these people.

We'll probably get his side of the story sometime after January 20, 2017. Until then, “Live Another Day,” at least judging by this trailer, points to some dramatic behind-the-scenes events during a time when it actually seemed possible GM and Chrysler, two of the biggest names of American industry, could’ve bought the big one.

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