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Not all Bentley concepts are ugly (only some are).

Bentley's conceptual SUV, the EXP 9F, received a lukewarm reception at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The SUV was called ugly by nearly everyone (including us), a complaint that has not fallen on deaf ears. As Bentley heads back to the drawing board, it's worth checking out these Bentley concepts that never made it from concept to reality. Anything is better than staring at Bentley's boxy excuse for an SUV. Hopefully round two will be much better for them.

The Bentley Speed IV is a classy racecar designed by Gabriel Tam. The Speed IV was inspired by the Bentley Speed 6 that flexed its muscle during the 1920s at Le Mans. The concept has 1+1 seating and is powered by an electric motor.

Bora Kim is the ambitious designer behind the Bentley Jekyll and Hyde. (Yes, you read that right.) The Bentley Jekyll and Hyde is a sleek two-seater powered by electricity and solar and wind energy. No word on whether or not the vehicle actually changes forms and kills random streetwalkers.

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Miika Heikkinen and EXA are the two brains behind the sexy TEN11 concept. The TEN11 is a luxury sports car designed, much like the above concept, with eco-friendliness in mind. This concept is powered by four in-wheel electric motors, with a bio-diesel engine available to those not too fond of electric-powered rides.

No list of Bentley concepts could be compiled without the aforementioned EXP 9F. The auto industry's newest least favorite ride looks eerily similar to the company's luxury sedans, in a bad way. The EXP 9F has also been slammed for its uninspired name and for having the gall to exist in the first place.


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