Baltimore Sees Racetrack Pileup Before The Race Even Starts

All in all, a pretty lousy way to start the day.

Endurance racing has a pretty high rate of attrition. But that’s usually the whole idea, that you aren’t just racing against the other cars but also pushing to make sure your car can survive the ordeal. But this weekend at ALMS Baltimore, attrition took hold a bit early when a four-car pileup occurred just as the green flag dropped. Traffic at the beginning of the race is always thick on this track, and a questionably place tire barrier may have helped to make things worse.

It’s difficult to figure out if any particular driver is at fault, or indeed which one that might be, but you’re welcome to try and piece it together from the onboard shots in the video. Cooper Macneil takes a nasty head on hit at the 2:00 mark.

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