Band Of Thieves Steal NSX, Camaro, Hellcat, Get Caught At Drag Strip

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Justice is going to have a field day with these guys.

Four people from El Paso, Texas with hopes and dreams of getting behind the wheel of some high horsepower objects of desire have found themselves in handcuffs this week after police caught onto a wire fraud scheme they used to get ahold of half a dozen cars. According to CBS Local news, the four suspects are Mark Mitchell, Amy Chavira, Nicole Davidson, and Robert Lee Reynolds and despite the seemingly small crew, these alleged thieves managed to get ahold of many cars.

The group apparently scammed Fox Acura, a dealership in El Paso, Texas, out of six cars over the span of 13 months. Among the cars taken were a new Acura NSX, a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a 2014 Nissan Armada, a 2015 Ford F-150, and a 2016 Acura MDX. Before getting caught, Mitchell almost made away with a GMC Acadia from another dealership, giving us insight into how the scam worked. According to Shawn Bryan of Superstar Motors, Mitchell pulled up to his dealership in the stolen NSX claiming he wanted to buy an Acadia for his mother-in-law. As if the $156,000 NSX wasn't enough to prove he had the cash, Mitchell showed the dealership fake paperwork.

The paperwork stated he had inherited $5 million and promised to wire the cash within a few days time. Between the expensive NSX and the paperwork, Bryan bought the lies but when the cash didn't show up in the dealer's bank account, he reached out to see what was going on. According to CBS Local, that's where the excuses began to get weird. "His accountant had stolen $2.4 million from him. Then he had to be put in the hospital and then it turned into he died and now he sitting in jail and it's mind-boggling," Bryan said. "He literally faked his death and had his wife call people and tell them that he had a heart attack and died so that's why he couldn't end up paying."

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Making matters worse is the fact Bryan attended a drag racing event at El Paso Motorplex where he saw Mitchell and the rest of the crew racing all of the cars, from the NSX and the Hellcat to the MDX and F-150, on the drag strip. Ultimately, Bryan decided to steal his dealership's Acadia back from the con artists by tricking them. He reached out and told Mitchell the dealership could detail the Acadia for free and when he showed up, Bryan took the car and locked it at the back of the dealership. Adding to the mess is the fact that Mitchell's lawyer eventually had to drop him as a client after he failed to produce the money he promised to pay for the fees. At least this crew seems to be behind bars where they belong.

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