Bangkok Shopping Mall is Home to Some Awesome Supercars

Pick up a Porsche on the way to the cinema.

Bangkok's Siam Paragon shopping mall was Instagram's most photographed place on Earth last year. On the face of it, there's nothing that makes this high-end shopping center better than the capital's countless others. It does have one very special feature, however. Amongst the endless rows of shops, 16-screen Cineplex, concert hall, restaurants and world-class aquarium, can be found a selection of European exotics and supercars.

Head up to the second floor, and shoppers are greeted by Niche Cars' selection of Lamborghinis, including an Aventador and Gallardo Spyder Performante. Walk passed a couple of boutique fashion stores and Maserati has a showroom housing a Granturismo MC Stradale, Rolls-Royce likewise with a Wraith and Phantom, while Bentley, BMW, Porsche, and Lotus also have a presence. Geaheads travelling to the Big Mango shouldn't miss the chance to check out this impressive collection.

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