Bank Accidentally Gives $125,000 To Couple Who Immediately Spend It on Cars


Can you blame them?

If a bank accidentally drops a lump sum of money in your bank account, then the ethical thing to do is contact the bank and inform them of the error. The unethical but smart thing to do would be to keep quiet and see if the bank's system notices for a year or two. This couple, according to a report from CBS News, did neither when they woke up to find a sizable amount had been transferred to their account in error. According to the report, Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville, Pennsylvania, received an unexpected deposit of over $120,000 and promptly spent it.


Rather than doing the lawful and sensible thing, the couple spent the money almost immediately on things they wanted but couldn't previously afford. That included a bunch of household items and bills because they apparently do know how to prioritize, as well as dropping a $15,000 deposit on a Chevy Traverse, a pair of 4-wheelers, a camper, a car trailer, and an unspecified race car. That's according to Pennsylvania state trooper Aaron Brown who also says that, on top of all that, they handed out $15,000 in cash to friends in need of the money. We're quoting a law enforcement officer here, so you've probably already figured out this doesn't end well for the couple.

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The bank realized the error a couple of weeks later and contacted the couple. Tiffany Williams told the bank they were aware of the error but had spent the money. That seems a strange moment to decide to be honest, but she also said she was discussing with her husband a way to repay the debt. The bank then transferred the money to its intended recipient, an investment company, and stuck the couple with an overdraft of $107,416, including overdraft fees. There were a few more conversations with the bank before the couple stopped taking the calls and law enforcement got involved. The couple has been charged and they posted $25,000 bail each. The report doesn't mention where they got the bail money from.


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