Bankruptcy Forces Auction of 12 Ferraris (and a Thunderbird)

F40 and 275 GTB among the dozen Ferraris that will be auctioned in a few weeks’ time.

In a tragic case of "be careful where you park," the owner of a real estate company in the Netherlands that went bankrupt has been forced to give up his collection of 12 Ferraris and a Ford Thunderbird as they were parked in a building owned by the company. That's according to a Jalopnik source, who points to the auction site that is handling the sale, scheduled to take place on 19 October. That should give potential suitors plenty of time to put in a bid or two.

Each carries a starting bid, from the 17,000-Euro Mondial T through a pair of 25,000-Euro Testarossas, to a 180,000-Euro F40 and 400,000-Euro 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB. By the time of the auction, however, expect these numbers to have climbed considerably. Others up for auction include a pair of 328 GTS models, a 348 TS, a 365 GTB/4 Daytona, a 456 GT and F355 Berlinetta. All told, the cars should fetch over a million dollars. Now that's one expensive parking mistake.

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