Barbie Inspires 530-HP Maserati Grecale Trofeo Pink SUV

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Are you a Barbie girl (or guy)? Living in a Barbie world? This car may be for you.

In the world of Barbie-inspired cars, this Maserati Grecale is wonderfully restrained. In the upcoming movie, Barbie's ride will be an electric Corvette (pink, obviously), and the last time we saw a Barbie-inspired car, it looked like this.

Only two of these Grecales will ever be made, and the car was unveiled this week as one of the 2022 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts in LA.

Maserati says the cars are US exclusives, and part of the sales price will benefit the Barbie Dream Gap Project. That's the brand's initiative that partners with charities to help provide equal opportunities and remove barriers for girls.

Maserati Maserati

For now, only one of the two cars has been built.

Maserati says it hasn't made the second, which will also be built by the department that handles the Fuoriserie Editions. If Fuoriserie sounds foreign to you, it is Maserati's new personalization program, showcasing the kinds of bespoke changes that can be made to the brand's cars. Think of it like Porsche's Special Wishes division or one of the lower-tier Bentley Mulliner departments.

This particular car is the super-quick Trofeo version, equipped with a Nettuno V6, not unlike the one you'll find in the Maserati MC20. Here, it makes 530 horsepower.


Maserati has added its own touches to that Barbie-pink paint, like the acid yellow accents around the grille, bumper, and side vents. You'll also see the accents on the bumper and around the diffusers. The Barbie logo adorns the quarter panels as well.

Inside, you'll find pink stitching galore and more pink accents throughout the cabin. Mattel and Maserati say 10% of the sales price will be donated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project and that more details on the second of these two custom Maserati rides will be made available to the public in 2023. We imagine it'll be close to the movie's July release.


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