Barbie's Mustang Rolls Onto The Dyno

Just how much power is coming from those Power Wheels?

The Ford Mustang is a car which has seen some major horsepower gains in just the past few years. A new V6 and a new V8 in the Mustang GT have given us much bigger power numbers, to say nothing of the insane power now being produced by the Shelby GT500. But what about the Power Wheels Barbie Mustang? That’s probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself, and we can pretty safely say that we hadn’t really thought about it either.

In any case, the good humored fathers at DBR High Performance decided to strap a Barbie Mustang to the dyno and see what kind of power it was putting out. The results might surprise you… OK, they won’t, but it’s still funny.

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