Bare Carbon Fiber Enzo Vs. Chiron: We Had Exclusive Access To Both

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But which was Pebble Beach's best?

Pebble Beach is the perfect place to not work. There are a ton of awesome events to attend and cars to stare at. Who wants to sit in front of a laptop when you can see some of the world's rarest and most expensive cars driving down the street like it's no big deal? Needless to say the struggle was real. But we managed to actually do some work, getting exclusive access to the Blue Carbon Bugatti Chiron and the world's only bare carbon fiber Ferrari Enzo.

Both of those cars will be in upcoming videos, but before those drop we thought we'd do a little comparison between two of Monterey Car Week's most incredible participants. By now you already know all about the 1,500-horsepower Chiron and its top speed of 261 mph. You also know that almost half of the 500 models slated for production have been sold. You did know those things, right? As for the carbon fiber Enzo, its story is a little more complicated but way more interesting. Deciding which of these supercars would win the coveted "CarBuzz Best in Show" award was difficult. But thanks to our unscientific and opinion-based comparison process we found a winner.

In terms of paint jobs, or lack thereof, it's a tie. If Bugatti had brought the Chiron it showed in Geneva to Pebble Beach the Enzo would have won this category handily. But the blue carbon exterior truly is a thing of beauty and is on par with the Enzo's exposed carbon fiber. When it comes to wheels the edge goes to Bugatti. The Enzo's wheels are too plain and the color-matching brake calipers are a poor choice. Why not go with a red-on-black look? Both interiors are similarly colored with the difference being Alcantara in one and leather in another. We're going to give this one to the Enzo. Red Alcantara and red carbon fiber trim are a tough combo to beat. If this Enzo's interior had remained untouched the Chiron would have won easily.

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Bugatti didn't let us peek under the hood whereas the Enzo owner showed us the full monty so it's not fair to say which engine looks better. Those keeping score at home will note that this contest is currently tied up. But CarBuzz doesn't hand out participation trophies. There can be only one winner, and that's the Enzo. The Bugatti is stunning but it's just not as unique as the Ferrari. There's a good chance more than a few will be purchased in this exact spec whereas this Enzo is truly a one-off, both in design and for the fact that it's the rare passion project that looks better than the original car on which it's based. Both of these cars would snap your neck on the streets of Monterey, but only one of would leave you wondering, "What the hell did I just see?"

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